Tips on how to survive the day with a Chronic Illness

So you find yourself stuck at home every day, you can't go out by yourself, you can't work because of the pain, fatigue, memory loss, confusion, dizziness and many other symptoms you suffer from on a daily basis, so what you gonna do apart from go crazy from boredom.

Since I've been stuck in this position I've had to come to terms with the fact I can't do what I used to be able to do, oh yeah "you've got loads of time to do whatever you want" I get from people, but the reality is, everything we do makes us suffer, so instead of spending days in bed or on the sofa or in the fridge, here are my tips on how I survive.


I wanted to knit or crochet but didn't know how (yes 48 years old and never learned to do it) so I took to youtube and taught myself how to crochet.
I got the hang of it quite quickly, once I actually remembered the stitches, it keeps me busy for ages.
I can't read a pattern (my brain won't comprehend that) but I get by.
I source all my wool and crochet hooks from Wool Warehouse, so far I've made blankets, scarves, a bag to store my wool and a cushion cover, boring I know but bare with me.


I bought a tablet for the days when I feel quite bad or just not in the mood, I take to my bed or the sofa but I'm still able to keep in touch with the world through Facebook, Twitter and Skype. It helps to not feel so isolated.


I started reading more (well I have the time now) this is where my tablet comes in handy, I downloaded the Kindle App and it opened up a world of free and very low priced books from some marvellous authors, I've managed to have a few free ebooks sent to me to review which I'm in the process of doing, It's a chance to take you out of your own world and into somewhere completely different for a while.

So far that's what keeps me going everyday as well as a bit of blogging every now and then (oh and painkillers).
Thank you for reading.

Have you had to change your life to fit in with your illness?

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