Making life easier when you have a chronic illness

Food Shopping

Have your shopping delivered, if you can't carry the bags because they are too heavy, get the delivery man to bring them inside and put them on the counter for you.
If like me you have memory problems and forget all about shopping until you actually have no food in the house, then pick a day of the week to get your shopping done, that way you will remember that you need to order your food on a Thursday for instance to be delivered on the Friday, once you do that for a few weeks it gets easier to remember. Save your shopping lists to make it easier for the next shop.

Paying the bills

This is an important one, have everything put onto Direct Debit, I've been caught out before by forgetting to pay my mobile bill for both me and my hubby and ended up nearly getting us both cut off, if you can't go Direct Debit give the responsibility to someone you trust.
Keep all your bills in the one place that way you can refer to them if you suddenly think you've forgotten something.

Keeping in touch with family and friends

It's very hard to get out with a chronic Illness and keep up the regular visits with family and friends (I know people don't actually know what you're going through) but rather than keep yourself isolated and let your family think you don't care, I try to remember to text or message over social media at least once a week (although most times a week runs into three) I also use Skype. For those novices it is a video chat with whoever has the app on their tablet or laptop or smartphone enabling you to keep in touch. There is also the world of social media to keep you sane.

Household Chores

If I had all my wishes come true I would hire a cleaner to do everything, but nobody gave me three wishes so I have to make do.
I tend to only clean once a month now, I know what you're thinking "dirty bitch" but I mean a good clean. I generally dust about once a week, I have myself one of those dust catcher thingy bobs, a long handled brush and pan for the little messes in the kitchen when I drop the sugar or something and I swear by the cleaning wipes, I have them in the kitchen and bathroom, a quick wipe over and that's it.
The MagicEraser is a god send it cleans anything from stains on white cups to marks on paintwork, i even used it to clean the glass on my oven door, it took four minutes, it is AMAZING.
When it comes to hoovering i can only do that when I have had a really good day.

Personal Hygiene

This is the one that nobody seems to realise is probably the hardest one of all. The main thing would be to make sure you have a shower installed, if not get on to the Occupational Therapist through your GP to get one sorted, it's a must for saving energy even if you get one over the bath and have a bath board to sit on.
On the days where you can't shower there is  the wonder products that keep you looking half normal at least, they are   -

Dry shampoo
Face wipes
Deodorant wipes
Baby wipes
Electric razor
Make up

Getting out

If you are lucky enough to have a partner who drives it makes it so much easier to get them to take you out in the car, if you are eligible it's a great idea to get yourself a Blue Badge for those days when you have no energy but you need to get out of the house before you kill someone (yes you get looks from people but they don't know your story) it's a life saver most days, people don't realise you can't walk the length of yourself most days.
I found buying a shopping trolley was one of the best things I could have bought, I can't carry heavy things and it was unfair to make my hubby carry everything, so now i just pop anything we get into it, it's another life saver I couldn't be without.

So that is some of my tips, I have more I'm sure, how to you manage on a day to day basis, comment below and let me know.

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