Is online shopping your new friend

Since being unable to get out and about on my own nowadays, I've had to resort to online shopping, and I don't just mean for my groceries, It's for absolutely everything.

Starting out with the grocery shopping, trying out a few different stores to see which one was the best for me, here's what I found ~

Asda ~ great for the price, cheap delivery slots, and you only have to spend £25 to be eligible for delivery, but I found their alternatives where a bit random, so It was pot luck sometimes with the shopping.

Iceland ~ great prices, good quality, free delivery If you spend £35 online, had to be organised because it usually took a few days before you could get your delivery (local drivers not very customer friendly).

Tesco ~ these are my favourite so far, great cheap delivery options, plus they also do a delivery saver which saves loads. Great customer service, reliable and affordable, plus great quality food.

Cards & presents for the family

When it comes to birthdays and special occasions there are a few shops I've tried out online, but there is only one I can recommend for cards and that's Funky Pigeon, they are so easy, I use the App on my tablet it's so quick and they send you discount codes all the time, they send the card or whatever you have chosen to buy straight to the recipient which is great for me.

When it comes to presents, I've tried out a few so far, this is what I found ~

Superdrug ~ great free delivery if you are a beauty card holder (which we all are), great customer service, as I've had to return something before, but there were no problems, and refunded very quickly. 

Boots ~ also great, free delivery if you spend over £45 (which only happens at Christmas) or you can get it sent straight to the recipient (which saves time and energy). Great click and collect if you can persuade someone to take you out or you're having a good day.

Toys R Us ~ one of my favourites, free delivery if you spend over £29.99, which is very easy, very quick delivery, no problems ever.

Early Learning Centre ~ another one of my favourites, free delivery if you spend over £50 otherwise It's £3.95, also they let you send to the recipient, they send you vouchers throughout the year and keep you up to date with any sales going on, had no problems so far.

Pocket Perfect Designs ~ this one is not for the faint hearted, but if you like a joke you'll love these badges, (just be careful who you send them too), they are priced from £1 each with free delivery.

Bring out the Bunting ~ This is another individual site selling personalised prints, invitations, thank you cards and bunting for all occasions, I love her work, quick delivery, free if you spend £25 or more, £2.75 otherwise, 

So as you can see online shopping is my new best friend, how about you, do you have to resort to shopping online for everything nowadays, or are you so busy online is the only way for you?

Please let me know if there are any of your favourites we all should be trying.
This is not a full list of all my online shopping habits, I'll keep them for another day.

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