Has the traditional Christmas gone out the window

So it's that time of the year again where we think about Advent Calendars, Christmas decorations and those last minute trips to get the perfect present for your other half. but over the years I've noticed that the humble Advent calendar has progressed from the traditional advent calendar that I was used to as a child to the ugly chocolate calendar that kids don't even notice they are in a shape of a tree or something Christmassy, all they want is the chocolate, and as my experience as a parent showed me that by the time it got to Christmas Eve the chocolate had been well eaten and probably the box was in the bin.

As an adult I have now noticed that the luxury Advent calendars are everywhere online from nail polish to make up, perfume and I even noticed a beer one this morning, which is great if all you want is a treat every day (maybe I'm old fashioned). 

What I'm trying to say is Christmas is becoming so commercial that we think it's all about spoiling ourselves everyday until we get the big prize on Christmas day.

When I think of a traditional Christmas I think of home-made, I think of baking for the big day, making presents and decorations or even buying hand made items if you don't have the time.
Christmas is all about spending time with your family, not who bought you the biggest and most expensive present.

When it comes to buying presents, I'm all about the online buying (due to my chronic illness) but I always remember the Christmas Eve market back home, where you could shop up until midnight if you wanted, buying those last minute gifts, it was all about the atmosphere on the eve of Christmas Day, the songs playing while you shopped and everybody wearing there Santa hat and wishing you all the best. The modern day equivalent I suppose is the Christmas markets we have popping up here and there on the run up to the big day.

Then you have the Christmas lunch, you're so overworked and stressed about getting everything perfect you forget to enjoy yourself and the family that have turned up to spend the day with you.

After all the preparations and stressing about the food, the drink, the state of the house and if everyone is going to behave you find it's all over and you realise everyone's gone and that's you for another year and you're left wondering what all the fuss was about.

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