Ever thought of living abroad?


Thinking of living abroad

That's a question my hubby and I asked ourselves quite a few times throughout our lives, my hubby always wanted to live in Australia, who wouldn't, but the reality of it is all was just too surreal.

One day after a really harsh winter and a heavy bought of Pleurisy my hubby came in from work and asked the question again, this time I said "yes lets go for it".

We spend the next few weeks deciding where we wanted to live, the practicalities of it all and the financial implications, after all we had to give up our jobs and start again in a new country. 


We eventually decided on Malta, we picked a date for our journey and put everything in to motion.

I must say once we had decided there was no stopping us, we gave up our flat, jobs, sorted out our furniture and even re-homed our cat with a friend.

A lot of our friends and family thought we were mad to even think about contemplating giving it all up to move to another country, but we thought if you don't do it you will always regret not giving it a go.

The day arrived, we dragged our bags down the stairs into the taxi for the airport, saying goodbye to the UK and the cold miserable weather, we were on our way to Malta.

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