Preparing a Trip with Fibromyalgia

So, we've decided to take a week's holiday to North Devon, "that's great" I hear you say, so what's the problem!

The problem is trying to prepare to go on a trip anywhere with Fibromyalgia.

I know what you're thinking "what's she on about" it's only a holiday. Yes I know, but my body doesn't see it that way, my body sees this as a chance to start worrying about the accommodation, how am I going to manage for a whole week without disappointing my Hubby, are there plenty of seats around when we go out, are there toilets in the areas we're going too, will my pain and energy keep on track enough for me to actually enjoy the time away.

So my head's all over the place, it's getting nearer, what do I do?
In my case I need to prepare well in advance, make sure I have plenty of tablets, pain relief, gels etc to keep me going for the week.
I write various lists so I can remember exactly what I need to do, so when the brain fog kicks in, I at least have something written down. 
Most of all I need to have plenty of rest before hand to allow my body to have enough energy for the task of actually trying to have some sort of holiday.

A good tip I learned at the Chronic Fatigue centre was to pace myself.
This was the best advice I was given, I do what I can, when I can, which means when planning a trip you have your check list of things you need to do, you tick them off one by one and rest in between.
There's no point pushing yourself, because you only end up making all the symptoms worse.

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