The High Street Isn't Your Only Option When It Comes to Clothes Shopping

When we want a new outfit or have to replace some worn out clothes, many of us head straight to the high street. We will browse the rails and shelves of the same old, familiar, run of the mill stores that we always use. But it’s important to remember that there are other options. Of course, if something isn’t broken, you don’t need to fix it. But alternative sources of clothing could help you to create a distinct and unique look and really stand out from the crowd! So, where else can you head for your clothes? Here are a few ideas to get you started in the right direction!

Online Stores

If you really do want to stick to the same stores and big name brands that you usually opt for, remember you can usually shop for the same items online. This means that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to do your shopping. With just a few clicks you can have the items in your basket delivered to you! Remember to look out for discount codes that can help you to save money in the process too.

Online Boutiques

While you’re shopping online, remember to keep an eye out for little boutiques like Petal + Pup as well as the usual brands. You can find all sorts of beautiful Petal + Pup Dresses that will be perfect for your needs and preferences. What’s more? You’re much less likely to bump into someone wearing the same outfit as you if you source it from a more obscure provider.

Sales Apps

There are various apps out there that can see you purchase clothing from other people. Second-hand items tend to be a lot cheaper than brand new items and you may spot items that you didn’t even know existed before. Consider options such as Depop, eBay, and Etsy. These are all online marketplaces where you can often contact sellers and barter on the price, saving you money in the long run.


Even if you have no previous experience in sewing or dressmaking, you can take up courses that will show you the basics. Creating your own outfits can prove extremely rewarding and you can come up with designs that you haven’t seen anywhere else. It may take a little time and practice, but if you stick at it then you will be able to craft your own wardrobe at some point or another.

These are just a few different places that you can find clothing to fill your wardrobe other than in standard stores on the high street. Remember your different options and make the most of them! Why limit yourself?

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3 Top Tips For Buying Beauty Products Online

If there is one thing that has revolutionized the world of beauty buying, it’s online shopping. It’s changed the way that customers interact with businesses and the way that businesses market themselves to customers. There are now so few products across all industries that cannot be bought online, and as most people like to shop at all hours of the day now, businesses need to make sure that their products are available to customers at all times. Beauty products are no exception to the rule, either, as they can be bought online - sometimes in bulk.

The thing is, you can’t test a liquid foundation on the back of your hand to get the right shade when you buy it online. So it’s not as easy to buy beauty products online unless you know what you’re looking for. However, this should never put you off buying online! What else are you going to buy at 3am after a few wine spritzers?! Beauty products obviously are the top of the list, and with this Square Cash review, you can learn about transferring your money to pay for said beauty products - making it much easier for you to choose the right thing to buy! You can buy way more for far less when you buy online, and those who know, know where to find the best quality products for the best price. Below, we’ve got three tips for buying products online safely.

Round Grey Foundation Canister
  • Reputable Sites. It’s an obvious one, but even for those last minute 3am purchases, you need to ensure that you’re not being led on with tempting prices that are totally unrealistic. Only ever buy beauty products from reputable sites that you already know and trust, but you can also shop around and buy from new places as long as you’ve paid attention to the reviews.

  • Research. Another great way to avoid being scammed online is to search for reviews, opinions, and forums about any new sites that you come across. The more you are aware of, the less chance there is of you losing your cash. You want to be confident about the entire process, not be left feeling as if you’ve made a huge mistake and you won’t be getting a refund.

  • Unsealed? Nope. You’ve been smart and shopped without the wine, and you’re eagerly awaiting your purchase. Once it does arrive, if you notice that the seal on the box or the bottle of makeup is broken, you need to return it right away. You cannot predict if it happened in transit or if there is someone rather worrying out there who have slipped something into the product. You shouldn’t be left wondering about the safety or integrity of the product you’ve purchased. It’s always best to be safe than sorry later on.

Online shopping is quite possibly the most reliable way to shop if you are too busy to head out to the shops. You just need to make sure that you’re not taken for a ride while you’re trying to look the best you that you can.

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The Bad Habits That Will Age You Prematurely

There are some bad habits that will make you look older than you actually are. This is bad news if you are doing your bit to look youthful, with whatever method you are using to reverse ageing signs. If you ever needed a reason to quit these bad habits (aside from the health consequences), knowing that they are ageing you prematurely should be all the incentive you need.

Bad Habit #1: Eating too much sugar

Those sugary snacks are not great for your waistline, and they aren't great for your face. Sugary foods create an insulin spike, and that can lead to inflammation which breaks down your collagen levels. This will result in your skin looking saggy and the early onset of wrinkles. And as we know, sugar is bad for your teeth. Your once pearly whites will become discoloured, and you will probably lose one or two as well. While you can opt for restorative dentistry to put things right, you should probably make changes to your diet now to maintain both your white smile and your youthful complexion.

Bad Habit #2: Not getting enough sleep

According to research, not only will a lack of sleep give you bags and dark circles under your eyes, but it will also shorten your lifespan. Sorry if that fact alone is enough to keep you awake at night! For both your complexion and your life changes, it's in your best interest to get the right amount of sleep. Experts say between 7 and 9 hours is the optimal range. This means cutting down on late nights and cutting out those sleep-inhibiting bad habits, such as having too much screen time before bed.  

Bad Habit #3: Sitting for too long

A sedentary lifestyle can lead to the early onset of a range of diseases, as well as the problem of obesity. And according to research, sitting too long will also biologically accelerate the ageing process. So, not only will you feel older than you are, you will look older too! Still, we can navigate the problem by doing more exercise. Cut down on those binge watches of an evening, and if you are sat for long hours for work, ensure you get up now and again and stretch your legs. Your health and lifespan depend upon it!

Bad Habit #4: Having the heating on for too long

Not only will you add to your heating bills, but keeping your home toasty warm for extended periods can also add years to your face! The heat will suck the moisture from the air, and this will lead to your skin becoming dry and inflamed. As we mentioned earlier, this will result in those bothersome wrinkles appearing around your face. While we wouldn't want you to sit in a cold room to avoid the ageing process, you might still consider wearing a few extra woollies when it's chilly, or lowering the temperature of the room, so the heat isn't too excessive.

To avoid premature ageing, pay attention to the bad habits we mentioned, and make the appropriate changes to your lifestyle. Not only will you look better, but you will feel a lot better too. And as we said, you will also extend your life chances if you commit to good living instead of bad. Take care, and thanks for reading!

Live a Natural Toxin-Free Life with Friendly Soap

From washing your hands to washing your hair, there's now a soap for every occasion. Using natural ingredients to produce beauty and skincare products has made life simpler.

Soap has been no exception. Once an old-fashioned way of having to keep clean, soap has been pushed right back into being the purest way to update your beauty routine.

Natural Shampoo Bar for a Healthy Shine

Essential oils in friendly soaps' shampoo bars hydrate your hair and protect it from drying out and splitting. Added ingredients like lavender and peppermint contain antioxidants that keep the hair follicle clear of dirt and prevent the build-up of oils.

Tea tree oil is amazing at keeping your scalp clean and clearing dandruff, its medicated properties heal dry scalp conditions and protect from further outbreaks.

Naturally Moisturising Facial Cleansing Bar

With cocoa butter and shea butter, these facial cleansing bars are a luxurious treat for your face. The fragrance-free method used to create these bars protect your skin from harsh perfumes.

Rich in Vitamin A, the shea butter facial cleansing bar helps to reduce the first signs of ageing by plumping up the skin and filling in fine lines.

Beauty Bars for Everyday Use

Using soap in your everyday beauty routine saves time, money and the planet. With a bar of soap costing under £3.00 and lasting for a month or more and having no nasty chemicals destroying your skin, why wouldn't you change to a natural beauty soap?

Natural Detox Bar

Detoxing your skin from chemicals and toxins will clear your skin from dryness and dirt as well as adding oxygen to your skin to help the blood flow and bring back your natural glow.

After a day out in the city or town, your skin attracts free radicals from exhaust fumes, smoke and the environment. Using the Detox Bar in your daily shower will help your skin breath and keep it looking younger for longer.

Friendly soap is free from palm oil, parabens, sulphates, triclosan, phthalates and cruelty-free. All soaps are boxed in plastic-free recycled packaging.

They are also registered with The Vegan Society and Cruelty-Free International.

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