The Lowdown On Wearing White Right

White is so on-trend this season with fashionistas and celebs alike opting for the colour when they are choosing their outfits. After all, it’s the perfect time of year to get those white shirts and dresses out of the wardrobe. And white can do wonders for your figure as you can see with the beautiful Kate Middleton rocking a white outfit at Ascot. However, when it comes to white, a lot of people can go wrong with the colour choice. And it ends up turning their great outfit to a fashion fail if they are not careful, In fact, here is the lowdown you need so you wear white right in future.

Boost your glow before putting on the outfit

It’s so important that you give your skin a healthy glow before you put on a white outfit. While white can look good on everyone, it can make you look paler than you actually are. So if you have not managed to get a good colour yet this season, it could send you into the Adams Family territory. Therefore, give your skin a boost in colour before you put on that white dress. You might want to spend some time out in the sun if you want to boost your natural tan. That way, you will have a natural glow when you are wearing all white. Or it might be the case you use a bronzer to give you a tan look. That way, the outfit will look superb. And if you do want to go down the fake tan look, make sure it’s properly on before you put on that cute white outfit. After all, you don’t want streaks of tan on your clothes which will turn your outfit into a fashion fail!

Be careful with your underwear

A lot of people make an error when wearing white by not thinking about their underwear. In fact, it can often lead to a very embarrassing situation if people can see the underwear through your clothes. You will look back with regret you didn’t spend longer choosing your underwear. Therefore, when it comes to white clothes, make sure you opt for underwear which will be barely seen through your outfit. It applies to both your bra and pants, so you aren’t left squirming with embarrassment. And if you did want to go for a beige or cream, make sure you look in the mirror first before wearing them. That way, you can ensure you stay classy and fashionable while wearing white!

Accessorise well

You also need to turn your attention to your accessories when you are wearing white. After all, it can help to complete your outfit if you choose well with your accessories. You might want to go for a simple white necklace and bracelet. They will look great with the outfit and will ensure you look flawless. You also might want to go for a belt which can help to cinch in the waist on your outfit. And remember to opt for a colourful bag to go with the outfit. It can sprinkle some much-needed colour into your whole ensemble.

And make sure it’s an appropriate event for a white outfit. After all, you don’t want to turn up to a wedding in a white dress!

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