Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Beautiful Handmade Collars For Your Dog By Made For Mutts

Since having my new puppy Suki, I've bought her countless collars and leads as well as harnesses trying to get the right one for her. Since she was growing I had only bought her cheap collars to make do until she was at nearly her full grown size. Now that she's five months and not likely to grow much more, I found her a lovely handmade collar (two actually, I couldn't resist).

Amazingly I managed to get her to pose for this picture (she will do anything for a treat) and got a lovely shot of one of her new collars, the Pink Flamingo in a medium size. Although it's on the tightest setting she will have plenty of room to grow in it. If I do say so myself she looks gorgeous in it.

They are a small business who hand makes all their products in Somerset, UK. From collars and leads to bandanas and bow ties, in an array of assorted designs and colours.

When you receive your gorgeous handmade item from them you also get washing instructions to keep your pet attire looking great.

This fantastic business not only caters for mutts but also for moggies too. You can buy collars, bow ties and bandanas to suit your cats' style and personality. 

The dog collars are priced at £9.50 which is actually really good for a handmade item. And some of them are half price at the moment like the two I bought. Delivery is £3.50 for any amount of items and is first class signed for, so there's no chance of them getting lost in the post.

All I can say is Suki loves her new collars. My next purchase will be a matching bandana for those special occasions.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

The Reason Why Everyone Loves Natural Beauty

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Taking care of your body is vital to keeping you in shape and healthy. It makes you feel good and more importantly, it can build confidence. Taking care of your body isn't only about going to the gym and eating healthy foods. It's also about what you use on your skin. There are so many toxins in the world that increasingly adding them to your skin is damaging our health every day.

Changing from chemically loaded makeup, skincare and haircare products to natural products will change your life in the same way that exercising and eating healthy will.

Spending the past few years changing to natural products have led me to try out a whole range of companies that are established in the beauty business.

I recently discovered Modere who are based in Belgium. They sell a wide range of skincare, healthcare and homecare products. From washing powder to toothpaste you will find everything you're looking for to improve the health of yourself and your family.

Hair Care

I tried the antioxidant hair serum from Modere recently with fabulous results. Having quite dry hair I'm always looking for a good rescue serum to add moisture to my hair. As I age so does my hair, and I've noticed the new growth being quite frizzy and uncontrollable. So having a good hair serum that is also natural gives me the confidence that I'm not adding chemicals in through my skin and works perfectly for me. Using the hair serum after washing my hair leaves me with smooth shiny hair.

Mouth Care 

Modere have an oral care range where you can purchase toothpaste and mouth rinse. This is something we forget about when changing our products to natural ones. The chemicals in toothpaste and mouth rinse have just as many chemicals in them as non-natural makeup and skincare. By changing your toothpaste and mouth rinse you will be making a huge change as these are products we use every day.

The main reasons why everyone loves natural beauty is;
  • No chemicals in the products
  • Healthy to use 
  • won't taint your clothes 
  • Sensitive to your skin
  • Last so much longer than everyday products

Many bloggers are taking advantage of writing about natural products because they have become really popular lately. Although natural beauty products are not fashion accessories they do give you health benefits that can make your beauty and skincare regime a healthy part of your life.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Our Top 5 Tips for Healthy Skin in 2017

We all have notions of healthy skin and spend our time looking in the mirror wondering what we can do to resolve it. Hunting online stores for the next big beauty product that maintains it will make your skin radiant and no alternative brand can surpass it. But you may be taken by surprise, it’s not an expensive face cream or a top of the range foundation that gives us healthy skin, it’s what we put into our bodies and how we manage it that gives us a healthy glow.

Healthy skin is no longer a myth, follow our 5 tips for healthy skin and they will revolutionise how you perceive your skin.

1.   Eat Healthy Food

By eating fruit, vegetables and foods with good bacteria you continue to add antioxidants and essential vitamins and minerals that work to keep away acne, resist any infection and reduce the early indications of ageing. Try to cut out sugar, sugar elevates your blood sugar levels and induces high blood pressure and can lead to diabetes. High levels of sugar can contribute to acne breakouts and dry skin.

2.   Get Enough Sleep

Try to have at least seven to eight hours sleep a night. Often our hectic lives dictate that we require little sleep, but this can lead to health issues and unhealthy skin. By not sleeping enough every night your body won’t have the opportunity to restore itself. Your eyes will become red and puffy, you will have dark rings under your eyes and you will have mood fluctuations and weight increase.

3.   Wash Off Your Makeup

Not everybody would associate removing your makeup with healthy skin but by keeping your makeup on at bedtime you are blocking your pores which need to breathe. Having your pores blocked by makeup that has been left on the skin can cause blackheads, infection and acne. Use a natural makeup remover to clear your pores before retiring to bed and your skin will appreciate it.

4.   Protect Your Skin

Always apply sunscreen when working outdoors. Do not risk damaging your skin by ignoring the fact you need to have at least SPF 15 or higher to be protected from the sun’s rays. Most foundations these days have SPF 15 or higher included within the product. When going out – even on a cloudy day - apply sunscreen or if you’re wearing makeup make sure it contains SPF 15. Damaged skin will wrinkle more quickly and you run the uncertainty of developing skin cancer.

5.   Drink Plenty of Water

Your skins’ health emanates from the inside out, consuming plenty of natural water possesses many health advantages. Hydrating your skin helps to preserve the elasticity in your skin. It will prevent wrinkles for a longer period and give your skin a healthy glow. By drinking at least eight glasses of water a day it assists to flush out the toxins from your body leaving your skin healthy and naturally toxin free. It will likewise work to regulate your metabolism and digestion.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Writing Music Lyrics As A Freelancer

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By being a freelancer you can still do the things you love. Having a passion for something is what makes you a better business person. Whatever your passion is you can use it and be your own boss. If writing songs are your thing then keep at it. There are plenty of clients out there that would love a freelancer to write them music lyrics. This way you'll be doing what you love and getting paid for it.

Setting Up Your Freelance Business

Get yourself a beautiful looking website to advertise that you are in business and taking on clients. Make sure you have all your equipment needed to run your business for example musical instruments, software, apps, business tools, tax calculators, headphones etc. If you're looking for digital products check it out!*

I find I still like to use good old stationary to get things written down. There are so many gorgeous pens and pencils to buy along with pretty notebooks and planners. But back to freelance lyric writing, here are a few programmes that might help you get started.

  • Songwriter's Pad - this programme has a phrase generator to maximise your creativity and eliminate writer's block, a built-in rhyming, synonym, antonym and dictionary tool, built-in audio recorder to capture melodic ideas when they strike, easily customizable format, Import beats as backing tracks to create the desired musical setting for your writing style, easy drag-n-drop, sync songs seamlessly between your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

  • Evernote - this can be used for various writing jobs, not just songwriting. You can take it with you wherever you go, it's compatible with android and ios phones and tablets. When you create an account your writing is synced throughout all your devices.

  • Verseperfect - this free app will have you writing and singing for hours. It suggests rhymes for you to use. It is easy to use, well designed and clear to understand.

There are many apps and programmes to help you succeed in your freelance business so take some time to get yourself equipped with all the resources you need. Advertise your business and get yourself registered for income tax. Sign up with a few freelance sites to get yourself a decent portfolio before you launch out on your own. This will give you experience and build your confidence to build your business into what you would like it to be.

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