Friday, 20 April 2018

Beauty Benefits of Avocado Oil

We're all aware of how beneficial eating an avocado can be for our health, but the beauty benefits of avocado oil on your skin are even greater.

Avocado oil is a carrier oil, you can add essential oils to it or use it on its own.

What Are Carrier Oils?

Carrier oils are pressed from the seeds, nuts, or other fatty parts of the fruit, and are used to help dilute essential oils to make them safe to apply on your skin. 

The difference between essential oils and carrier oils are; essential oils evaporate and have strong scents, carrier oils don't.

Use Avocado Oil on Skin

Avocado oil is full of antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties that heal the skin. Antioxidants are powerful ingredients, they clear acne, blackheads and bacteria from the skin, leaving soft, blemish-free skin.

So, what can avocado oil do for your skin?

  • calm itchy skin
  • heal dry, flaky skin
  • boost skin cell regeneration
  • lock-in moisture
  • moisturise skin
  • protect skin from harmful UV rays
  • protect against free radicals that lead to skin damage
  • diminish signs of ageing

Beauty Benefits of Avocado Oil

Avocado oil is safe to use, no toxins or harsh chemicals are added in the process. Using 100% natural and organic avocado oil on your skin will nourish it from deep within the epidermis and keep those fine lines and wrinkles at bay for longer.

This amazing oil contains powerful nutrients for your skin health, which are;

  • beta-carotene 
  • protein
  • lecithin
  • fatty acids, and 
  • vitamins A, D, and E

Boost Skin Cell Regeneration 

Oleic acid, present in avocado oil helps to boost cell regeneration and heal the skin from bouts of acne or dry skin problems. Its strengths include soothing inflammation and creating a barrier to stop infections attacking your skin.

There are so many beauty benefits of avocado oil for your skin. Try it out and see what amazing results you can see in your skin health.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Why you Need to Re-Set Your Microbiome and Cure the Pain of Chronic Disease

Curing the pain of chronic disease is a priority for many sufferers of a debilitating health issue. So, could re-setting your Microbiome be the answer you seek?

Studies have shown that your Microbiome is the key to your bad health.

What is your Microbiome?

  • Your Microbiome is part of the ecosystem that regulates your gut health and immune system.

  • The Microbiome is full of healthy bacteria that your gut needs to keep healthy and kill off bad bacteria.

  • Your individual Microbiome is your genetic footprint as it determines your DNA, health factors and the likelihood of developing a disease and so much more. 

  • The microbes that make up your microbiome manage a lot of your bodily functions and how they react.

  • The foods you eat and the surrounding environment can change the makeup of your Microbiome and cause the healthy bacteria to be over-run by bad bacteria, causing autoimmune disorders and health problems related to your gut.

What is a Healthy Microbiome?

A healthy microbiome is one that has a sizable number of healthy bacteria fighting off infections and diseases. A healthy microbiome can thrive by sustaining a healthy diet and topping up the healthy bacteria.

By keeping away from antibiotics, you'll prevent the healthy bacteria from being killed. The healthy bacteria in your body does the job of killing off bad bacteria and infection better than antibiotics can.

A healthy microbiome has trillions of healthy bacteria fighting off any disease that enters your ecosystem.

How Can I Improve the Health of my Microbiome?

There are many ways to improve the health of your Microbiome. As mentioned before, stop taking antibiotics as this kills off not only the bad bacteria but also the healthy bacteria. More ways to improve your Microbiome;

Stop Smoking – by stopping smoking you’ll give the microbes in your lungs a chance to develop into healthy microbes thus helping to improve your all over health.

Stop Eating Processed Foods – processed foods are full of added sugars, salt, fats and cheap cuts of meat or poultry.

Eat Raw, Fresh Fruit and Vegetables – this increases the biodiversity of the microbes in your gut.

Eat a Healthy Diet – think cave man diet. Meat, poultry, fish, fruit and vegetables along with nuts and raw milk to keep your gut healthy.

What Foods are Good for your Microbiome?

Eating a variety of foods to improve your gut will give you a diverse diet and an excellent range of healthy bacteria living in your gut.
Foods good for your gut include;

Plant-based food – any food that grows in the ground, i.e. Vegetables, fruit, fresh herbs and spices.

Foods that contain fibre – pulses, nuts, fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

Probiotic foods – such as fermented milk and cheese, i.e. kefir and live yoghurt.

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – is better for you than any other oil as it has a high number of Polyphenols good for the gut. 

Prepare your Body to Start the Healing Process

When you start on a gut healing process, give yourself time to cut out the foods that cause the gut to be in distress. Giving up caffeine, sugar, processed foods and food and drink high in sugar, will give you the best chance of succeeding in your goal and being able to sustain the healing process.

Give yourself at least one week to cut out these foods to prepare for your gut healing journey. You may feel withdrawal symptoms if you’re a heavy tea or coffee drinker, for example, headaches in the first few days. Persisting through these headaches will help your overall health after you’ve re-set your microbiome.

Eliminate the Foods that are Causing your Chronic Disease

We touched on this a little in an earlier paragraph, but I wanted to go into it in further detail.

Sugar is one of the main culprits for the cause of Chronic Disease. Another big player is Gluten. Not everyone suffers from the intolerance of gluten, but by eliminating it in your first few weeks you give yourself the best chance of healing your gut.

Caffeine, processed foods and high sugar and salty snacks are all foods to cut out of your diet at this stage. You may have noticed your diet developing unhealthy habits over several years due to processed food being prevalent in your daily diet. The main reason being the busy life you lead compared to decades ago when life wasn’t so hectic.

Cutting out dairy foods can also help with the healing process of your gut. Because dairy foods go through a process of pasteurisation, you lose the healthy bacteria that are found in milk and cheese. Therefore, fermented milk and cheese is a better substitute. You can also try coconut milk, almond milk or goats milk, make sure they are the unsweetened kind.

Preparing your weekly intake of food will help in your process and motivate you to kick these unhealthy habits and give your health a kick in the right direction. Giving you more time throughout the week if you prepare for the weekend.

Re-introducing the Main Culprits of your Pain

After two weeks of eliminating the foods that were causing your gut problems, you’ll feel better and will have lost a few pounds by boosting your metabolism and clearing the old foods stuck in your colon.

Re-introducing foods you eliminated in the first few weeks like gluten and dairy products will give you an idea of what is causing your problem. Try them one at a time for a three-day period to give your gut a reasonable amount of time to adjust to them. If you have no problems, you can continue with this in your diet. 

Re-set your Microbiome

A few tips to re-set your microbiome is to leave yourself 12 hours overnight without eating. This will re-set your microbiome for the next day, so if you have a difficult day, family gathering or a party, all is not over you can re-set for the next day.

In Conclusion

You need to re-set your microbiome to heal your gut, have a healthy eco-system within your gut, add plenty of healthy bacteria to your diet and stay away from antibiotics and meats that may contain antibiotics. i.e. cows, sheep and pigs. Make sure you eat meat from grass-fed animals or animals raised through organic methods.

The Results of Re-setting your Microbiome

A healthy gut, no issues with IBS/IBD, you’ll be less likely to suffer from chronic diseases long term and your overall health will improve. 

Improve your future health by curing your own chronic disease and live a healthy life.

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Dressing For The Perfect Selfie - What You Need To Do

Whether you’re a fashion blogger or just someone who wants to publish some photos of themselves on social media, dressing for the perfect selfie can seem like hard work. You need to make sure you create an eye-catching image that people won’t be able to overlook. However, getting things right can become somewhat of a minefield. While you should always consider your look and style, some of these tips tend to work well across the board.

So, use the advice from this page to ensure you don’t forget anything important when getting ready to take that selfie.

Wear low-cut or short dresses

You don’t have to show your cleavage when you take a selfie that you plan to publish online. However, that is a fantastic way to draw attention towards your photograph and ensure you get a lot of attention. The same goes for getting your legs out. Refrain from showing too much skin because you still want to appear fashionable and elegant. Just seek out some of the best low-cut dresses you can find on the high-street today.

Spring is approaching at the moment, and so new lines will start to appear in those shops during the next few weeks. Make sure you’re ready to go and check them out before your friends. Nobody wants to upload a selfie wearing something everyone else owns, right?

Show off your bling

As the old saying goes, it’s all about the bling! If you want to get the best results from your selfie, it always makes sense to wear some upmarket jewellery. Maybe you have some at home already, or you can borrow some from friends?

If you can’t do that; you’ll have to get in touch with a custom jewellery maker who can design something unique for you. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but they can become expensive. There are also lots of different types of them on the market, and so you will need to conduct some research if you want to discover how to choose a diamond.

When all’s said and done, you just need something that sparkles for the best outcome. Make sure it catches the light in your selfie.

Get those teeth whitened

The last thing anyone wants is for their smile to make people click away from their selfies. For that reason, you must ensure that your pearly whites are in the best condition possible when you snap the image. Do yourself a favour and visit your dentist a couple of days before your photo shoot. That way, you can pay for whitening treatments and ensure your smile will blow people away. There are also specialist toothpaste you can use if you want to go the extra mile.

Now you know how to get yourself ready for the perfect selfie; you should manage to take some stunning images that get lots of “likes” and “shares” online. So, you just need to work out the best setting for your photography session and what you would like to use as a backdrop. Once you’ve done that, nothing should stand in the way of your success. Just remember to take lots of photos and then select the best one for your blog or social media accounts.


Saturday, 20 January 2018

Combat Sagging Skin Permanently

One of the most dreaded signs of age, for a lot of people, is when your body begins to change against your will. You find yourself checking in the mirror for the odd white hair that would come to ruin your trendy bangs, or for the little lines around your mouth that make you look grumpy when you don’t smile.

But what gets a lot of people is when the skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag. However, more and more people are experiencing visible sagging skin at a young age. What hides behind this unexpected premature sign of ageing and how to best combat it, this is the question we’re answering here.

Why is your skin sagging?

Your skin might lose its firmness and elasticity for a number of reasons. Primarily, there is indeed an element of age; as you grow older, the production of collagen and elastin reduces, which causes the skin to droop, leading to wrinkles and fine lines. But other factors can lead to early sagging. A significant weight loss can make it more difficult for your skin to tighten up around your new shape. Increased and unprotected sun exposure and excessive smoking can also be damaging. Additionally, excessive tiredness can reduce natural body functions, such as the production of collagen.

I can’t do without a little help

If you’ve been through a drastic body transformation involving extreme weight loss, you may be left with a fancy size 8 or 6 but loose skin all around the areas that have changed the most. If this is the case, unfortunately, there is no natural treatment to address the issue. You will need to look for a surgical intervention instead, which may require applying for an unsecured loan to cover the costs. However, you need to give your body time to recover from your diet and maintain its weight before getting in touch with specialists.

I’m tired and dehydrated

If you have troubles sleeping, you might start to develop eyebags and swollen eyes, which might even require permanent treatment. More importantly, you feel the tiredness in your brain, as you find yourself struggling to focus and generally depressed. But what you don’t notice is that your body also needs the rest to maintain its functions. Lack of sleep gradually affects the immune system, the production of collagen and the kidneys. Additionally, compensating with coffee and energy drinks may leave you dehydrated, which affects your skin firmness too.

I need to do more sports

Finally, your modern lifestyle affects your skin too. A lot of young people develop sagging skin around the neck and face as a result of bending their heads to look at their smartphones. Additionally, a sedentary lifestyle that consists of sitting at your desk all day doesn’t help! But don’t despair: a Canadian study has revealed that regular exercise can make your skin appear younger and firmer. Could the treadmill be the solution to modern age sagging? The answer seems encouraging, so pack your gym kit!

From smartphone lovers to super dieters, your lifestyle affects your skin more than you know. It’s not only what you eat, but it’s also how you move and hold yourself throughout the day. In short, be smart to avoid the most common causes of skin sagging!

Wednesday, 20 December 2017

How To Improve Hair Health With Neem Hair Oil

The natural healing benefits of Neem comes from the compounds you find within the tree itself. This natural product is grown in India where every part of the tree is used in a variety of ways to heal the body. 

The Neem tree has antibacterial, ant-viral and immune boosting properties making the bark, leaves and flowers of this tree a highly sought after ingredient in the sourcing of natural beauty ingredients.

Benefits of Using Neem Oil in Your Natural Beauty Regime

With so many uses for the Neem tree and its flowers, it's fair to say the health benefits of using Neem oil in your daily regime are wonderous. 

Neem oil is great for blackheads, wrinkles, sensitive skin, strengthening your hair, preventing hair fallout and dandruff.

  • Blackheads - take a few drops of neem oil, dilute with water and add to your face using a cotton pad.
  • Wrinkles - adding neem oil to your homemade face masks will nourish and hydrate the skin to prevent wrinkles.
  • Sensitive skin - use neem oil in face masks or diluted with water and added to your face to control red or itchy skin.
  • Hair - use a few drops of Botanical Hair Oil to your hair, massage through to the scalp and comb through to the tips with a neem comb, locking in moisture, strengthening your hair and leaving it shiny and manageable.

Combine With a Neem Comb

The neem comb from Tridosha is made from the wood of the neem tree, shaped and handcrafted to make a natural comb that'll partner with your botanical hair oil. Use your comb every day to keep your hair in great condition.

How to use Botanical Hair Oil

Once a week add a few drops of the sweet-smelling botanical oil to your hair. Massage your scalp then comb through to the ends with your neem comb. Leave on for a few hours or overnight if this works for you. Rinse with warm water then wash and style as normal.

Using the hair oil every week will combat dandruff, heal dry, itchy skin and leave your hair strong and healthy.

Have you used Neem for your hair? How did you like it? Did it improve the health of your hair? Comment below, I'd love to hear your experiences.

Image source: Photo by Demetrius Washington on Unsplash
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Wednesday, 13 December 2017

5 Last Minute Natural and Organic Beauty Indulgences for the Perfect Gift

If you're a last minute shopper and like to leave your gift buying to the last minute then you're in luck. Indulgences in the natural and organic beauty range are aplenty. Let's kick off with the first of my last minute, natural and organic beauty gift ideas.

1. MuLondon White Chocolate Truffle Cream

MuLondon has created a sensory indulgence to top off any moisturiser. The thick creamy texture of the white chocolate truffle cream will leave you wondering whether to eat it or lather yourself in it.

This 99% organic cream is a water-free formula with extracts of cocoa and vanilla and is suitable for all areas of the body. With organic shea butter and jojoba oil, this cream will leave your skin luxuriously soft and sumptuous smelling. The decadence of this cream nourishes the skin from the first drop and leaves your skin glowing from head to toe.

With a very reasonable price of £21 for 60ml, you'll be glad to give it a try. 

For a limited time, you will receive a cotton tote or makeup bag worth £10 for every £50 you spend.

2. Alucia Organic Avocado Oil

As we know avocado is great for the skin, but if your not a lover of eating avocado then don't fret, Alucia Organic have given you a delicious oil that gives you all the benefits of the avocado without the taste.

Rubbing this luscious oil into your skin gives your skin hydration and locks in moisture to leave your skin supple and healthy looking.

Avocado oil is a carrier oil which means you can add essential oils to it to make a specially blended scent for massage, moisturising, shaving and hair care.

Priced at only £9.00, a small price to pay for luxury.

3. Barenaturals Organic Soap

Another natural and organic product great for adding to a beauty box is the peppermint soap that stimulates your senses and awakens your mind.

A perfect substitute to give as a gift or add to a natural and organic beauty box you've created. This soap can be used for washing hands or use in the shower for an all over body experience.

The organic soaps come in a range of luxurious combinations, for example; pomegranate and pink grapefruit, espresso and orange exfoliating soap and herb and tea tree natural facial soap. All yours for £4.00 each.

4. PHB Ethical Beauty Cosmetic Set

The cosmetic set from PHB Ethical Beauty is a great starter set if you're in the process of making the change to natural beauty products. With 100% naturally derived ingredients, you can be sure your skin is safe and not exposed to harmful chemicals. The set includes;
  • Foundation
  • Blusher
  • Finishing powder
  • Cream concealer stick

They come in a variety of shades which include;
  • Porcelain -very fair skin
  • Fair - fair skin
  • Medium - light to medium skin
  • Tan - medium to tan skin


The porcelain set includes; 
  • porcelain foundation 
  • blossom blusher 
  • porcelain concealer
  • finishing powder

The fair set includes;
  • fair foundation
  • peach blusher
  • fair concealer
  • finishing powder

The medium set includes;
  • medium foundation
  • sienna blusher
  • medium concealer
  • finishing powder

The tan set includes;
  • tan foundation
  • tea rose blusher
  • tan concealer
  • finishing powder
You can purchase this set from Lovelula with free delivery taking from 1 - 3 days to arrive. 

Cheaper than buying all items separately, you can purchase this set for £49.95.

5. Organic House Relax and Sleep Gift Set

Whether it's an indulgence you're looking for or a step into organic products, Organic House skincare has a range of products to suit you and your home. From organic candles to face serums, you'll find something for everyone on your shopping list.

With a range of gift ideas to suit all budgets, you'll introduce a new product to your friends and family who will love you for it. Prices range from £12 to over £100 with free shipping on all orders, allowing for all tastes and needs.

The men's gift box which includes shave and beard oil, foot balm and artisan natural soap, is a perfect bath and shower treatment for shaving, washing and pampering, specially created for the man who has everything. 

The set is priced at £40 with gift packaging and free shipping.

After a busy week, you'll be in need of a relaxing sleep. Pamper your senses with the relax and sleep gift set of room spray and body oil. Use the body oil after a relaxing bath and spray your bedroom with the room spray to help you drift off with the sumptuous smell of lavender and vetivert. 

The set is priced at £32 and includes free shipping and a choice of free gift wrapping.

With all this loveliness ready to be shipped straight away, you'll never miss a birthday, anniversary or Christmas present again.


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